Part 1 – Installing a Certificate Authority (CA)

To secure your website you can use SSL and certificates. In this post I will explain in detail how to setup your site to use a certificate, including the details of installing your own Certification Authority. Finally I will show you some C# code to work with certificates.

Part 1 will show you how to install the Certificate Authority on a Windows 2003 machine, part 2 is about creating a new website,
part 3
shows how to request a webserver certificate,
part 4 shows you how to send the request to the Certification Authority,
part 5
shows you how the CA processes the request,
part 6
shows you how to download and install the certificate on the website,
part 7
shows you how to create a virtual folder.
Part 8 shows you how to test ths site together with some coding examples in C#.

Windows Server 2003 can be used as a Certificate Authority (also known as CA) to provide extended security by offering support for Digital Certificates. Digital Certificates can be used to secure the communication between a webserver and a browser.

In this post I describe how to install a CA.

Caution: when installing this component. After this you CAN NOT rename your server or add it to another domain!

image Go to Add/Remove programs; choose Add Remove Windows components and select Certificate Services.
image Answer Yes to the question Do you want to continue.
Click Next.
image Choose Stand alone root CA (no active directory integration).

When you choose Enterprise root CA only users that are registered in the AD can request a certificate. Request are immediately processed (issued) because the users are stored in the AD.

See also here.

Click Next.

image Enter your common name for this CA; I use locspca.

Click Next.

image Click Next.
image Answer Yes.
image Insert the Windows 2003 CD rom and the installation starts.
image Click Finish.

At this point the Certificate Authority is installed. You can check this by starting the administration tool (Start –> Administrative tools –> Certification Authority).

You can also browse to the url http://locsp.locrdw.tld/CertSrv


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